Jim Holl Solo Show

Jim Holl All The Living Things Jim Holl's solo show "All The Living Things" is a direct, painterly response to natural phenomena. These small paintings will be published in an upcoming book and feature meditations on the intersection of science, art, symbol and archetypes.  In Jim Holl’s "All the Living Things", text and paintings correlate in both literal and associative ways. The texts address phenomena, human perception, and the art of painting through fragments and summations culled from readings and Holl’s contemporary perspective. Woven together,  these insights give the paintings poetic nuance that address the meaning of our existence in the world. Mr. Holl notes: “Three thousand years ago, the Bhagavad Gita talked about the ‘vibratory nature of life,’ of everything… So, All the Living Things has to do with this vibration, expressive of teeming energy.” "All The Living Things" opens with a reception for the artist on Saturday, March 4, 5-8pm and runs through March 26, 2017. About Jim Holl: Jim Holl is a prolific fine artist, graphic designer and digital illustrator who has exhibited his paintings widely since 1978. He has mounted solo exhibitions with public institutions such as The New Museum, PS1 Museum, and Artists Space in New York. Additional selected exhibitions include The Seattle Art Museum, 1708 East Main Gallery in Richmond, VA, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Zone Gallery in Springfield, MA, and in New York City at Columbia University 55 Mercer Gallery, St. John’s University, Lehman College, Gotham Fine Arts Gallery, Soho Center for Contemporary Art and Public Image Gallery. Mr. Holl is currently on the faculty of Marymount College and divides his time between New York City and Catskill, NY.

White Out Winter Group Show

WHITE OUT Winter Group Show

Opening Reception Fri. Jan 27th, 5-8pm Cross Contemporary Art 81 Partition St. Saugerties, New York 12477 on view thru Feb.26, 2017  
GALLERY HOURS: Thurs- Mon 12-5pm
"WHITE OUT" is a group show featuring 24 of the many artists affiliated with Cross Contemporary Art during its 2 and a half years in Saugerties, NY. The exhibit focuses on various expressions and experiences of “white” in the Visual Arts: from the depiction of white as a pigment, to the definition of white space by form, to the blending of all bands of light to create white wavelengths and finally the understanding of white as the absence of all marks or pigment. White can also be understood as a narrative or a fact (like snow, water or ice), but ultimately white will always remain the expression of all light. "WHITE OUT" is curated by Jen Dragon and Alan Goolman.
Gregory Amenoff
Richard Bosman
Loel Ann Barr
Katherine Bowling
Joseph Conrad-Ferm
Ford Crull
Peggy Cyphers
Brian Fekete
Deborah Freedman
Robert George
Jared Handelsman
Jan Harrison
Jen Hicks
Catherine Howe
Mark Thomas Kanter
Iain Machell
Mitchell Rasor
Suzanne Rees
Christy Rupp
Nadine Slowik
Melinda Stickney-Gibson
Shira Toren
Dion Yannatos
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NIGHT FALLS with Katherine Bowling, Jared Handelsman, Portia Munson & Paul Mutimear

NIGHT FALLS  with  Katherine Bowling, Jared Handelsman, Portia Munson & Paul Mutimear

Group Exhibition August 27th - Sept. 18, 2016 Artist Reception Sat, August 27th, 5-8pm Cross Contemporary Art, 81 Partition St Saugerties, New York 12477
Night Falls is a group show featuring drawings and photographs inspired by the night and what can and cannot be seen. When the sun goes down, most of the world goes to sleep but even in the dark, life continues as plants breathe, nocturnal animals search for food and people dream. Jared HANDELSMAN and Paul MUTIMEAR use photographic processes to capture what is visible under sudden illumination. Moths, plants, the light of the moon and car headlights are often the only evidence of life in their otiose worlds. Drawing with vine charcoal, Katherine BOWLING tracks the dark shadows cast by unruly plants. By daylight, these plants take the pleasing form of flowers yet their negative forms cast a sinister opposite on paper. Portia MUNSON explores life's dark side in her digital scans of deceased birds and flowers and in her sculptural assemblages of bones and cradles. Ms. Munson's digital prints evoke the Victorian tradition of honoring the beauty of past life while her sculptural assemblage of bones in a baby carriage serves as an ironic "memento mori" of the close proximity of birth and death. Between the percussion of the photographic moment and the elongated study of drawing and arranging and scanning forms, "Night Falls” presents a range of materials and temporal studies of the unconscious life and of the life of the night.
Night Falls with Katherine BOWLINGJared HANDELSMANPortia MUNSON and Paul MUTINEER opens Sat. August 27th and is on view through Sept. 18th banner About The ARTISTS: Katherine BOWLING: Since her emergence in 1980s, Katherine Bowling has been well respected as an American painter and printmaker. Ms. Bowling has been the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Grant, New York State Foundation for the Arts Fellowship and a Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation Fellowship. Her work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum and the Fisher Landau Center in New York City, as well as many institutions and museums throughout the United States. Jared HANDELSMAN:  In Night Falls, Jared Handelsman will be showing his large scale landscape photograms. Handelsman has had solo exhibitions at Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY, The Center for Photography, Woodstock NY, Bard College at Simon's Rock, Great Barrington, MA., and Rockland County Museum, Nyack, NY., Handelsman has received fellowships from Yaddo, MacDowell, The Fine Arts Center in Provincetown and Vassar College. Portia MUNSON: Portia Munson works in photography, painting, sculpture & installation, a concern for the environment is an overarching theme in her work. She has shown her work in major public and private exhibition spaces since the early 1990s. Munson is represented by PPOW gallery, NYC. Recent public installations include light-boxs at the Bryant Park subway station for the MTA(New York), a permanent MTA installation at Fort Hamilton Parkway station in Brooklyn (“D” line).  And a large piece at the Albany International Airport (Albany, N.Y.).  Munson has taught at New York University, Yale School of Art, Vassar College and SUNY Purchase. Paul MUTIMEAR: Paul Mutimear is a multi-dimensional artist who uses many tools to investigate the world. Starting out as a musician (performing as Paul Brittan), Mutimear has been drawn to photography as a means of capturing the sudden and unrehearsed moments as he walks through life. He has worked with Oehme Graphics to produce an edition of photo-etchings on paper as well as digitally printing his own photographs on archival paper.  

Ford Crull Solo Painting Exhibit “Red”

Ford Crull Solo Show "Red"

June 25,- July 17th, 2016   

    “Red” is a survey of contemporary symbolist oil and mixed media works by painter Ford Crull that are united by the color Red. Each work of art is a meditation on the power of this primary color as it supports, weaves, balances and directs the energy and composition of Crull’s art .The exhibit ranges from older works to new paintings, and within a variety of styles from different points in the artist’s career.Ford Crull’s paintings and drawings, the symbolism of the color Red, as well as other basic cultural signs and archetypes, have been obsessions he has explored throughout his career as an artist. According to Crull, Red is an especially provocative and powerful color. Throughout time and through every culture, Red is the pigment of violent forces: war, blood, fire and even Hell. However, Red is also the joyful color of Christmas and of valentines. In Indian cosmology, Red, as the first chakra, represents the life force and foundation for all things.  In Ford Crull’s paintings, Red draws upon any and all of these ideas on works covered in open-ended symbols.     These iconographic signs are at once personal and universal such as crosses, hearts, words, numbers and other archetypes found in a range of cultures throughout the centuries. As Jonathan Goodman writes, “Crull has been successful in his combination of the old and the new, demonstrating how an image can call up the past and at the same time be responsive to present conditions in painting. Art like this needs to be taken seriously—not only because of the implications of the image, but also because very few painters are trying to build a bridge across time.” About Ford Crull: Mr. Crull’s work can be found in many important museum and public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the National Gallery of Art, Wash. DC, Dayton Art Institute, and the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts (Al), as well as numerous international and national corporate and private collections. Ford Crull lives and works in New York City and Woodstock NY.


Structure/Nature : Paintings  by  Claire  Lambe,  Laura  Hexner  and  Mary  Anne  Erickson

  The ever-growing need for mankind to manage resources for living leads to the building of heroic structures. Human survival demands water, food and housing, and scaffolding, highways and dams are constructions that enable large populations to flourish. At odds with these systems are the destruction of rivers, vistas and natural habitats by concrete pillars, asphalt highways and ill-conceived housing projects. These structures are physically built to dominate and harness nature as well as facilitate the transit of natural resources. However, it is nature's relentless superpower, entropy, that will ultimately dismantle and destroy all massive efforts to control and re-contour the environment. Dams will run dry, deserts will overtake farmlands and jungles will devour the metal I-beams of empty condominiums. Artists Claire Lambe, Laura Hexner and Mary Anne Erickson each consider the Pyrrhic victory of human constructions within the backdrop of an immense, relentlessly eroding and infinitely patient natural landscape. Structure/Nature: Claire LAMB, Laura HEXNER and Mary Anne ERICKSON is on view through April 24, 2016 About the Artists: Claire Lambe: Born in Ireland, Claire Lambe has a peripatetic artistic focus that reflects her extensive travels and intellectual obsessions. Lately Lambe’s work is concerned with the battle for resources and the lottery that decides who wins a game where one side increasingly holds the majority of tickets. Laura Hexner: Laura Hexner has been meticulously painting and drawing the often overlooked subjects of everyday life: bridges, dams, telephone poles and highways. Her technical elegance with seemingly mundane subjects creates an abstract drama characteristic of her work. Mary Anne Erickson: Mary Anne Erickson has long been fascinated by the deterioration and decay of vintage roadside American culture. Her color saturated photo-realist paintings capture the faded bucolic optimism of the Post-War years against the backdrop of a vast and empty western landscape